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Domains Registration

Access to a website is by typing its name in the URL bar of your browser. This then associates the domain name to the IP address of the site and allows its display. This connection is made possible by a link protocol called DNS. The DNS zone is the database that contains all records for a domain name. Walela Brook has been offering the latest TLDs at the industry's best prices since 2005. We get you up and running on the Web for just the cost of your domain registration.
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DNS Hosting

We can transfer and host your domains on our Domain Name System servers. Before, you must verify:
  • Field is active and expires in more than 60 days
  • Area has been established for at least 60 days
  • email addresses of the owner and administrator and technical contacts are valid and visible in the whois (that this email will be sent the request for validation)
  • Unlock the current domain at the registrar to obtain the auth code which you will be asked when ordering or validation of the transfer

Web Hosting

Whether you're a small business operating a single website or a web professional operating multiple sites, Media Temple solutions give you more of what you need to succeed online

SSL Certificates

In addition to its role of securing data in and out of your site, Secure Sockets Layer Certificates - or SSLs between the habits of Internet users now sensitive to certificates, guarantee the provenance of a quality site. SSL certificate contains the full information on the authenticated site owner. Customers can then check this information at any time, and thus be reassured about the origin of your site. they are thus more inclined to trust your site, especially in the case of a payment online or disclosure of sensitive information.

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